martes, noviembre 25, 2008

The Beginning of the End to Rainy Spain?

I doubt it. I might just have to change the name of the blog to Jolly Raleigh or something like that.

It's been hush hush for months, but considering we only have a little under 2 months left in this great country I've called home for so many years, I've been thinking about the future of Rainy Spain. I'll continue to use it to update everyone on everyday happenings, but I'm also going to use it to reflect on life in Spain. I'm sure there's so much to say about cultural differences, but when you live right in the middle of it, it feels normal and you don't realize how different life really is. I'm sure those differences are going to slap me in the face once we're settled into new jobs, in a new home, with new friends in a "new" country. I'll tell you all about it!

Coming home is going to feel so foreign to me at times. I've lived in Spain for seven years and I've made it my home. It's traditions have become my traditions. It's way of life has become my way of life. It's language has become my language. It's food has become my food!

Anyway, stay tuned, because Rainy Spain isn't going anywhere yet!


Blogger Matthew said...

Hey Courtney,

I am sure you realize this, but the culture shock moving home was significantly greater for Lori and I than the shock we experienced going to Spain. I highly recommend reading the book called "the Art of Coming Home". It has a dorky looking cover, but it is a very good book for those who have lived cross-culturally.


7:00 p. m.  
Blogger Julie said...

can you bring Pulpo on the plane?

8:49 p. m.  
Blogger Courtney said...

Thanks Matt, I'll definitely look into that book.

Jules, I don't think pulpo is allowed on the plane :)

9:34 p. m.  

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