martes, enero 13, 2009

And the packing continues...

I've been absent from blog world for awhile, because I got lost in a pile of boxes and luggage. I never realized how much just two people could accumulate over the years in a small apartment. It's a lot. And over half of it is now shoved up into the attic. I actually fear that the ceiling might cave in on the apartment.

All I have to say is that this is not fun. I will be thrilled when we can sit down on a sofa in Raleigh, sip a Dr. Pepper and...well I can't say "for it to all be over", because it will be just the beginning, so I'll just say...see what life has in store for us there.

One of my favorite sayings in spanish is...poco a poco.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Good luck getting here! so excited for you! ekw

2:56 p. m.  

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